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Battlefield 3 Crazy Aimbot
2012 February 12, 2:12 PM



Battlefield 3's multiplayer matches see players take on one of four roles: Assault, Support, Engineer and Recon. The Assault class focuses on assault rifles and healing teammates. The Support class focuses on LMGs and supplying ammunition. The Engineer class focuses on supporting and destroying vehicles. The Recon class focuses on sniping and spotting enemies. The mechanics of the weapons have been changed to utilize the new engine: compatible weapons may have bipods attached which can then be deployed when in the prone position or near suitable scenery, and provide a significant boost to accuracy and recoil reduction. Suppressive fire from weapons blurs the vision and reduces the accuracy of those under fire, as well as health regeneration.The Recon class can put a radio beacon anywhere on the map and all squad members will be able to spawn on the location of the beacon.

This is the only working BF3 Aimbot ever,the aimbot is a hack that is auto-aiming on enemies,and you just click!

Battlefield 3 Crazy Aimbot have: 


This aimbot is "crazy" because you can kill 10 enemies in 1 second.

The aimbot key is F and Left Shift.
Easy installation!
Enjoy! :)
Category: BF3 Hacks | Added by: MacTavish16 | Tags: battlefield 3 hacks, bf3 aimbot, battlefield 3 aimbot, bf3 hack, battlefield 3 hacksbf3 hacks, battlefield 3 hack
Views: 2022 | Downloads: 1 | Rating: 5.0/2
Total comments: 1
best aimbot for bf3 smile

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